A Dreamwalker is one of the four types of Elemental Sorceror in Dreamtime Stories.

The Dreamwalker is allied to motion, the element of air and the polarity of freedom and constraint. They are the travellers of the Dream, they can step from world to world and no barrier can stand in their way. An experienced walker can even elude death itself.

A walker has six distinct powers - four basic, two advanced - and access to elemental control. These powers work on a system of locks. If a walker uses the power the void they accumulate can lock the power until the Walker manipulates the element associated with the power. A walker can use a power without alerting the void but manipulating elements directly will alert the void to the walker's exact location in time and space.

The four basic powers are:

Use of all Gateways (Air)
Animal speech (Fire)
Flight (Water)
Shapeshifting (Earth)

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