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The void was first, of course.

Immaculate, perfect, free from time or space, it was all and it was nothing. The void was the quintessence of absence. It had no colour, no limits, no distinction, no life, no death, it was pristine and eternal.

The dream was inevitable, of course.

It is nonsense to ask the question "how long was the void alone?" for the void had no time. So when the dream began it began at no particular moment. It happened all at once and everywhere. It destroyed the void. It polluted the pristine eternal with shape, colour, distinction.

And the void was angry.

The void and the dream fought for dominance. Maybe, in those first moments, the void actually managed to erase the dream, but once the dream has been it can be again. The void, forced to deal with its own apparent existence, was not used to being anything but everything. The dream became stronger, it started to diversify, it started to understand its own nature. The void was slipping away.

At first the dream was empty, nothing, a cipher. That made it an easy target for the void, they wrestled on a wave of semantic battle, the dream fought hard for the distinction between "nothing" and "the void". The dream made something, everything. It blossomed complete and collapsed in chaos.

Out of the dream came the principles: creation and destruction, life and death, order and chaos, freedom and constraint. As it came to acknowledge these parts of itself so more of the dream crystallised. Worlds, stars, elements, consciousness.

This is the story of the dream experiencing and understanding itself, constantly attacked from the void. This is the story of everything, unfolding within the dream.

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