The Wheel

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One of the two great poles, the wheel represents chaos, destruction, freedom and life. It works to represent the powers of chance, randomness and the explosion of liberated vitality. It opposes and compliments the Weave. The Wheel is represented not only by a circle but by Dragons, Serpents, Lions, Bears, Earth and Fire. In the Tarot the Wheel is aligned to the suits of Coins and Wands.

Wheel Polarities

Agents of the Wheel are bound to glorify the polarities of the Wheel but the way in which this interpreted is quite wide. For example Wheel agents must glorify destruction. They can either do this by inciting revolution, standing against established societal dogma or by promoting a basic nihilism, often allied with an idea of hedonism meant to celebrate freedom and life.

Weave agents are often fierce warriors and place great value on freedom. They glorify pleasure and celebration. All attempts to impose legal systems, monetary institutions and other trappings of "civilisation" are ruthlessly destroyed by those allied to the Wheel.

All the gifts of the Wheel are dependent upon anarchy. The Wheel is polytheistic and works through groups of demigods, continually squabbling over power. Worlds that become dominated by the Wheel are often quite primitive, existing in the shadow of individual warlords who all pay tribute to various demigods. Such societies are often prey to the Messiah pattern that attempts to tip the society away from the Wheel and towards the Weave.

Wheel Powers

The Wheel allows its followers the powers of Warping, Hopping and Slipping but the gifts belonging to such walkers are dependent upon the spin of the wheel remaining out of the gutter patterns of the weave. All the gifts of the wheel are dependent upon random chance. The wheel is polytheistic and attempts to work through confederations of dreamspeakers each stopping the others from attaining sole control. Worlds that become dominated by chaos produce tribal conflict and powerful magic. Without order there can be no peace. Always the poles attempt to balance.


The Wheel can gift the power of its motion to warriors giving them powerful strength and battle magic. The Vikings called it baresark. The power of the wheel darts through the earth like a serpent and provides great strength to the warrior who gives themselves over to its power. The Warped Warrior must exercise great self control not to become some mere monster.


The walker who learns to hop can move in a chaotic manner through time and space, it demands much subtlety for a hop can bring people into tight, disordered loops where they are continually papering over the cracks in their own actions. The lost hopper can forget themselves, continually doomed to live through time cycles and in extreme cases may end up nonsensically killing earlier versions of themself without knowledge. Once in such a state a walker comes close to being swallowed in void.


The walker who slips the weave can break dooms and dispel boons. The wheel spins hard and fast into the lines of the pattern tangling it and breaking its strands. Only a master oracle can pull the weave to

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