The Weave

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One of the two great poles, the weave represents order (Earth polarity), creation (Fire polarity), restriction (Air polarity) and death (Water polarity). It works to represent the power of order and patterns. It opposes The Wheel. The weave is represented not only by a cross but by The Phoenix, Fish, Birds, Oxen, Water, and Air. In the Tarot the Weave is aligned to the suits of Cups and Swords.

Weave Polarities

Agents of the weave are bound to glorify the polarities of the weave but the way in which this interpreted is quite wide. For example Weave agents must glorify death. They can either do this by institutionalising sacrifice of life, by making monuments or heavily ceremonialised funereal rites or by treating the existence during life as some kind of test which will be examined closely in death. Many Weave civilisations and organisations mix these facets together.

Weave agents are often bound by strict codes and laws. They glorify artistic and creative processes and have strong work ethics. All kinds of disorganised behaviour are frowned upon and vilified by Weave agents.

All the gifts of the Weave are dependent upon order. The Weave is monotheistic and attempts to work through single dreamspeakers architecting a Grand Design. Worlds that become dominated by order produce patterns, inevitable sequences that loop eternally, such places are often prey to sudden outbreaks of anarchy. These are the signs of the Wheel attempting to restore balance.

Weave Powers

The Weave provides the powers of Dooms, Boons and Seeing but the gifts belonging to such oracles are dependent upon the patterns of the Weave remaining undisturbed by the Wheel.


Essentially curses. A sorcerer working a doom identifies a negative pattern inside the Weave. He then works some sort of sorcery to bind an individual to this negative pattern within the weave. The affected person may not escape the doom without the assistance of the Wheel.

When a sorcerer is aware of the Weave, and powerful enough, they can achieve this purely through a force of will. However the Void taint of such a direct action is triple that of achieving dooms via the intermediary methods of sorcery.


Blessings or manipulations. A boon is the exact opposite to a doom. The sorcerer granting the boon picks out a path in the pattern that will lead to great advantage for the individual pursuing it. Once bound to this pattern the recipient of a boon is spurred on to great heights within this narrow channel. The subject of a boon will not fail unless those who oppose their destiny can appropriately harness the Wheel.

Once again a powerful sorcerer, one who has walked over half the outer path, can invoke a boon by will alone. Once more the cost in void is triple that of achieving the same end through intermediate means.


To see is to catch a glimpse of the Weave as it shapes and guides the current reality in which the sorcerer finds themselves. This prescience allows the sorcerer to perceive the fluid patterns of past, present and future and to see events in the probable future and the unsullied past. This may be done by experienced sorcerers directly but it has consequences, one is to take triple void taint, the other is that when a sorcerer is particularly powerful looking at the past or the future directly creates the possibility that it can be altered. For this reason seeing tends to take place through specially purposed materia or other intermediaries.gether hard enough to brake the wheel.

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