The Awakening Of The Weavers

This adventure is set in the Dreamtime Stories campaign setting. All the player characters except Ian (Who is a Walker) are Weavers. The adventure was designed as a five-session event where the main players would create their own worlds in the first four episodes and in the fifth feature session a couple more player characters cast as Walkers would interact with the Weaver's worlds.

The adventure is designed to introduce players to the universe of the Dreamtime Stories and will be suggested as a starting point for new players in the Dreamtime Stories Host's guide.

In this version of the adventure the player characters are as follows:

Twig - An aboriginal Australian from the 17th Century who is fully aware of the Dreamtime
Said - A street thief from pre-Crusades Baghdad
James Cranford - A boy living in WWI Essex
Chip Baker - A boy living in 1969 Florida
Ian - A boy living in 2009 Boston
Anya - A girl living in 1970s Luton

The main NPCs are

Andy - Actually Anansi the Spider Man, a powerful Dreamspeaker.

As the player characters are adrift in time and space the adventures of each character are recorded in chronological sequence so each character page details the adventures in each session rather than having single pages for each session which deal with all the characters.

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