Sue is Leo's wife and originator of the No Dice ethic. When she wrote an adventure called "Madness of Mavis" and ran it on Leo's birthday in 2008 it was just supposed to be a little diversion to pass the time. Sue didn't actually use any rules in particular, although she did pre-generate the characters and dish them out to players. The characters had "skills" with numeric values but none of these really came into play and they were more for form's sake than anything else.

The adventure was slightly tweaked and remodelled (mostly incorporating what became the Vanilla Rules) becoming Traveller's Rest the first adventure in the Core Book.

Sue was never a Role Player prior to being with Leo and would never be one given the hobby in its traditional form. Sue doesn't get on with numbers, or excessive dice rolling, or thousands of complex rules. Sue wants to play characters and have fun in the narrative.

The kind of experience Sue will really really enjoy is still a work in progress.

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