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Spirits are one of the four dream races and are aetheric and permanent. Spirits have access to an almost endless supply of free Dream energy but have the weakest individual stocks of will and no material forms, they are also bound heavily by geis to the extent where there are common geis that extend throughout the Spirit world.


Spirits have an ambiguous relationship to time and chronology. All spirits are beyond death, have no natural material component, can neither be created (except by Dream) nor destroyed (except by Void) and are able to survive in order and chaos. Like Fae Spirits may be constrained (so heavily that it is possible they might be eternally considered gone, but eternity is a long time) they can also be heavily diluted.

As spirits are achronological they seem to be created at the zenith of their power alhough there is no single being that can see all that is and will ever be so it is impossible to tell when that moment has been or gone.

Like their permanent counterparts the Fae Spirits fear both dispersal and constraint but are far more wary of constraint. A spirit that has been constrained violently enough is rendered almost non-existent.

Because of their eternal nature (unique in the four realms, Fae appear to have a start point when their physical being is nurtured and born) the origin of spiritual beings is a mystery, even to Spirits. It stands to reason that without the Dream there are no spirits and the Void can, and has been known to, destroy them. However when Spirits manifest strongly they tend to have memories that extend beyond their apparent manifestation.

Spirits require a little constraint in the form of a purpose or direction, without this they are just loose spiritual energy. Beyond this initial definition further geis lessens their being and restrains them. A Spirit thoroughly constrained can lose it's own concept of identity. However a similar Spirit tends to manifest itself eventually and other Spirits regard this as the same being, although the Spirit itself often has to fight to recover its previous memories.

Some spirits are actually designed to cycle in this manner representing transient concepts that are ever-changing. Much trouble can be made when such beings refuse to, or are prevented from, renewing themselves.


Spirits do not organise into large societal groupings. The largest is a spirit village where an "extended family" of spirits choose to interact on a regular basis and manage their own scaffold of geis. These communities are often the most successful groupings of Spirits, almost unassailable from outside. The fact that the Spirits cannot arbitrarily be dominated, dispersed or constrained from outside the Spirits inside the "family" often disagree and become involved in the dispensation of internal justice.

As Spirits are not born and cannot die they cannot be reckoned to be family by any bond of gestation or ancestry. To Spirits family is a concept, a geis that dictates certain behaviours.

Spirit society is all about freedoms and constraints. The most important thing to a spirit is that they are given the freedoms they desire and they are willing to accept constraints in exchange.

Spirit families apart most Spirits would be happy existing alone. For this reason the existence of other Spirits is a problem to them. Spirits who buy power through various geis can become enormous in the spiritual realm, making huge Spirit kingdoms that can form prisons for lesser spirits caught in the expanding aetheric mass of the growing spirit.

The most basic of these relationships is that of "worship and godhood" a Spirit uses its power to allow other beings to perform actions and in return the other beings perform certain ritual devotions directed at the nominated Spirit. The most successful of these Spirits can make whole realities that shift between aetheric and material, but they are often hated and feared by other Spirits who work consistently on bringing down a Spirit who is generally held to have become too greedy.

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