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Spells are workings that combine the aspects of a sorcerer's materials and familiars with symbols and words to make a ritual. Spells are very powerful and completely undetectable by the void, they just look like parts of the weave or treads of the wheel. The disadvantages with spell magic are that spell effects are not immediate, often spells take time to prepare and execute. Also spells only work if you have created an affinity with the originating sorcerer. This means that if you are the originating sorcerer then the effect will necessarily be stronger and will only become more so the more times the spell is repeated. If the originator is another sorcerer time and effort must be put into creating an accord with that sorcerer's way of doing things. Extremely old ritual magic is either impossible to work because an accord cannot be reached with a practitioner of such different context or extremely powerful because of its age. Cycles, stories and sequences are the core of a long term ritual working.

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