Said's background Said's Palace

Said, is a character in limbo right now. He was just starting to figure out his place in his own world.
Then boom! Not only does he have to contend with the concept of other worlds, or at least wildly different time periods, but even more convoluting in the fact that he has the power to make his own world from scratch.

That is the power of a dream weaver, the capability to imagine, to realise and to create.

When Leo asked us to come up with a character for this system, he didn't exactly give us any pointers, they have to human and a child between the ages of 8 and 18. Everyone one else turned up to the session with a good idea of what and who they wanted to play.

But as always I have to be difficult, dont I? I was having writers block, I was totally out of inspiration.

I finally came up with an idea for a character, with the help of my good friends, Justin and John.
A street thief in 11th-13th century Baghdad. Sinbad the sailor, the arabian nights and Ali bar bar.
A world of magic carpets, treasures to steal and princesses to court. Fantastical creatures to encounter and coniving grand viziers to foil. That kind of thing.

However that was the dream, the reality was very different, with Said legging it from one dire situation to the next. Said might be earliest exponant of parcourt and roof top running specifically. Not because he liked it, but it was the best way of not getting your head cut off. I did get a magic ring which granted 3 wishes, but I used the first two to escape and got caught before I could use the third.

As the game went on I realised that Leo was playing a much more historical version of the world than I expected. But this brought interesting challeneges to Said, how do you avoid guards? Where are you going to get your next meal from? How well do you know the city? What friends do you know? How do you haggle?

The reason why Leo is flying much closer to the wind with my world is because it's not my world, it was created by someone else, it works by their rules and their aspirations. The world I wanted to play in at the outset is the one Said must create for himself.

But there is long way between a concept and a reality, for the character and for me as the player.
Leo has given us totally free reign when comes to creating our own world, and with that freedom comes alot of responsibility. We might start with a safe place, a room, outside of time and space. But that room can be expanded, have more rooms and floors added to it till it becomes a palace. Then there's outside, at the moment there's nothing, not space or void to fill, litrally nothing. As our characters' power grows, then we'll be able create something outside. A garden, a region, a country, a continent, a world. Then people or creatures on that world and how does magic or science works is down to us.

But it doesn't end there, there the star system the world is part of, the galaxy, the universe, the different dimensions of exsistance? Who knows. Alot of this creation will be controlled by the characters conceptions, what would a 13th century thief know about planetry bodies and star systems. As always knowledge is the throttle on power.

So I started by saying my character is in Limbo right now. Why?

Well, it boils down to a question Leo asked us at the end of our last session;

"Why haven't you guys used your magic to make yourself as powerful as quickly as possible?"

Okay so I'm para-phrasing there but that was the gist.

The answer for me is, I'm interested in the journey of Said from street thief to creater of worlds.
Infact the journey helps me define the world that Said wants, how can he know what the world should be like without experiencing the highs and lows of the world he was born on?

And first things first, Said needs to move away from a loose character concept to a fully realised individual. He's an orphan, why? Does he have any family at all? Where did he live? What did he steal and why? Did he sell stolen goods, to who? Was he a good thief, did he enjoy the life he lead? What are his aspirations? Does he even think of the future, or is it more live for the day?

In the next couple of weeks I need answer these questions and as I answer them, then a dream of a new world can be formed, realised and created!

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