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The Rokugan hack was written by forum poster Carramber and has been ported across from the old No Dice forum:

Each character starts with a stat of 2 in each attribute and 25pts to spend on their character. They have to pick a clan they come from and a family or they need state they are true ronin. if true ronin player has 50pts to spend not 25.

Then they need to pick a profession and a school, (True ronin cannot) they will receive a set of skills for free from the school to help them with their chosen profession. Your family, school and profession will give you a honour rank, all characters start at 0 glory.

They may then modify the stats and skills of their character by spending the points they have.
Raise an attribute by 1=8pts.
Raise the void stat by 1=12pts.
Raise a skill by 1=1pt.
Raise glory by 1 rank=5pts.
Raise honour by 1 rank=6pts.

You may genenerate more points by selling down an attribute or your honour.
Lower an attribute by 1=+5pts(you may not reduce a stat below one or by more than two levels).
Lower honour by one rank=3pts.(you may not reduce your honour to below 0.5 honour(rank zero, 5 boxes)).

5 elemental stats. each one linked to a suit. Keeping the separate attributes. The maximum attribute at character creation is 5. For the ring to go up to the next rank, both attributes of that ring must be that score or more.

E.G. Fire ring is int 4 and agl 2 the ring is at 2, or int is 3 and agl is 3 then ring is 3.

Fire=intelligence and agility.
Air=awareness and reflexes.
Water=perception and strength.
Earth=Willpower and stamina
Void is nothing.

Skills, make about 25 generic ones and leave the rest to the players. Max skill rank at charcater creation is 5.
The maximum number of skills a player has is equal to 5 times the players int score. Those skills can be of any rank but they must not exceed the total number allowed.

Advantages and disadvantages, keep most of them from the original book and leave the rest to the players.

Each advantage costs points to buy and these can only be bought at character creation, not through experience.

These points must come from your character points given out at character creation.

Each disadvantage gives you points back to spend somewhere else on your character, again disadvantages can only be bought at character creation, however you can buy them off with experience points later in the campaign.

Finally there is a limit of 10 pts spent/gained on advantages and disadvantages.

Heritage and fortune tables. Create 2 tables one for each, for the players to draw a card on, the suit and the score defining the result. The heritage table providing a mix of good and bad results, the players can draw on this table once for free and there after 1pt per draw.

The fortune table provides only good results of differing effect it costs the player 3pts to make a draw on this table and they can only do it once.

Void/Void points. Each void point represented on the character sheet as a box. Ticked off as used per session until ticked boxes equals character void stat. Can regain VP's by having a full nights rest or meditating. Mechanic, can allow char to pass a non-combat test without drawing from the deck or in combat allows char to draw extra card to add to the result.

Deck makeup all 52 cards plus 1 joker.

Defining the success or failure of actions. Draw one card per level of element you have, keep a no. of cards equal to the ring of the element from those drawn, add attribute, add skill = result given to host.

Example:- you have a air ring of 2 and you want dodge a sword thrust, you have a reflexes of 3, and a dodge skill of 4 so you draw 3 cards, for your reflexes, you get a 3, a 5 and a 7, you keep the 7 and the 5 while discarding the 3, then add 4 for your dodge skill, getting a total of 16. If one of the cards is a special card listed below, you must take that card as the one you select.

Jacks=counts as a 0.
Queens=counts as a 10, Draw and add another card to the result this can occur multiple times.
kings=redraw hand, you may keep kings drawn from previous hands.
Aces=Counts as a 10, also double result out of combat actions.

(Option to kilter special card draws by elemental alignment. E.G. Drawing a Jack would also result in losing a void point but if the jack was on suit means no vp loss, while drawing jack of opposite alignment results in double vp loss. And using aces as the add 1 VP mechanic in the same way.)

Honour and Glory. Like void has a box tracker and a stat, so it would be 2 ranks of glory/honour and upto +9 boxes,
when reaching 10 boxes you go up a rank and your boxes reset to zero.

Mechanic glory. You gain glory through great deeds. Creating an epic poem or defending ones lord on the battlefield, getting married to an imperial princess. That kind of thing. You lose it by being publicly shamed or embarresed. from something simple as being made the butt of jokes at court, to being seen acting cowardly on the battlefield. The uses for glory? In a social situation you can add your glory rank to your result.

Mechanic honour. You gain Honour through enlightenment and restraint of ones passions. Carrying out your lords instructions to the letter, facing your fears and ignoring your weaknesses, defending those that are defencesless.
You lose it by cheating and lying or breaking ones word or the imperial law or exploiting or attacking those that cannot defend themselves. The uses for honour? In any combat situation you can add your hounour rank to your result.

Clan schools.
Each samurai is trained in a clan school, normally the school of the clan the character comes from but not always.
Each Family in rokugan has a gift in one attribute above the ordinary people, which is represented as a +1 to a specific attribute. The school they go to also adds a +1 to (usually) a different attribute. This is the same for shugenja schools. Both will receive a set of skills the school has taught them that the players can then add to in character creation and gameplay.

School ranks, there is a quick calculation you need to do, to determine your rank and therefore how many of your schools abilities you know. This is called your insight rank. Add up all your rings (Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Void) and times the number by ten. Then count up all the skill ranks your character has and add them on. This is your insight rank. The scores below will tell you what level you are.

0-150pts rank 1
151-175pts rank 2
176-200pts rank 3
201-225pts rank 4
226-250pts rank 5

Usually you will be rank 1 at the start of the game, but also very close to achieving rank 2. However if you are clever with your points spending it is possible to have a character at level 2. Anyone who says their starting rank is 3 or higher has got their calculations wrong.

A simple example would be a character with rings of 2 in everything + 7 free skills from their school and they spend the 25pts on skills. So the rings add up to 10, times that by 10 getting 100. And then 32 pts of skills.
Total 132, they are rank one.

Magic. Magic is elemental in nature in rokugan. They ask for local elemetal spirits and deities to grant their wishes. Each Clan magic school is aligned to a certain element and therefore shugenja find it easier to commune with that elements spirits and therefore get better results. Obviously the elementals can only interpret a shugenja's request in a manner of their element, fire for example would be great for heat and light and providing energy but weak at healing and crafting. So each shugenja has 3 basic spells, sense, summon and commune. A shugenja wants to cast a spell, first they sense the elemental forces around them. Geography has a big effect, a river or sea would have strong water elementals but be weak in fire elementals, a mountain or wood would be strong in earth elementals but weak in air elementals. etc. Once a shugenja has a feel of the forces aroung them, they tell the host the spell they wish to cast. Healing/lightning/searching etc. The host tells them what element the spell will need to be. The host also secretly decides a target number for the spell to succeed. The shugenja then has to summon the local elementals to do their bidding. The target number is defined by the host, based on the stregth of the elementals in the area. If the shugenja fails here then the spell simply fails as the elementals have ignored the pleas of the magic user. If the summoning works then the shugenja communes with the spirits and asks them a boon, at this point the shugenja should make some kind of offering to the spirits as payment or suplication.
E.G. burning incense for fire elementals to play in the smoke or drawing circles of salt to returning it to the earth for earth elementals to be appeased etc. That side is upto the player. The shugenja then draws a card and tells the host the result. If the result is within 5pts of the target number the host set earlier, then the spell works pretty much as asked for depending on the actual score of course. If the result is more than 5pts from the target number the spell fails, instead while the elementals the shugenja have communed with have taken the gift they dont do the as they shugenja has asked but instead react in a manner in keeping with their element, iniminical to the danger they could put the shugenga in through their actions.

The mechanic.

Sense=perception + sense magic skill + card draw.
Summon=willpower + summon magic skill + card draw.
Commune=awareness + commune magic skill + card draw.

(I do like the wish points system in levercastle, so an optional rule could be that a shugenja has a number of magic points based upon their school rank (10 per level), that they could add to any magic draw, to influence the result. (Look to the forthcoming Levelcastle supplement for full rules.) Each point spent adding 1 to the result.)

generic skills list

Archery: to use a bow in combat or hunting.
Reflexes+archery skill+card draw=total.

Athletics: any task requiring running, jumping, lifting etc.
Valid trait+athletics+card draw=total.

Armourer: to make and repair armour.
Earth ring+armourer+card draw=total.

Artisan: a catch all skill for painters, dancers, musicians.
Valid trait+artisan+card draw=total.

Battle: To plan and control large battles, also used in the
rokanganese game of go. Perception+battle+card draw=total.

Courtier: How to act and speak in formal functions and how to
write documents to important people. Awareness+courtier+card

Commerce: How to know the worth of goods and how to honourably
haggle(samurai; it is dishonourable to have this skill).
Awareness+Commerse+card draw=total.

Craft: the ability to make something(except swords and armour).
Valid trait+craft+card draw=total.

Defence: the art of not being where the blow is struck!
Agility+defence+card draw=total.

Hand to Hand: hand to hand fighting, from wrestling to boxing.
Agility+hand to hand+card draw=total.

Horsemanship: The ability to control or ride horses.
Awareness or Agility+horsemanship+card draw=total.

Hunting: Not only tracking animals but people to also how to
setup camp and forage for food. Perception+hunting+card draw=total.

Iaijutsu: The knowledge of fighting in an honourable duel and
how effective you are in it. Iaijutsu+void or agility+card draw=total.

Investigation: how to look for clues, interview suspects and collate disparate facts. Valid trait+investigation+card draw=total.

Kenjutsu: The art of the sword, only for the use of the
samurai sword, the katana. Agility+kenjutsu+card draw=total.

Lore: the knowledge of a specific subject like law, history,
heraldry or theology. Intelligence+lore+card draw=total.

Medicine: the knowledge of healing herbs, potions and
poultices. Also how to set broken bones and diagnose illnesses. Intelligence+Medicine+card draw=total.

Meditation: how to centre oneself and restore your spirit.
Regain spent void after one hours uninterupted meditation.
Void+meditation+card draw=total.

Nofujutsu: covers the use of all peasant weapons.
Agility+nofujutsu+card draw=total.

Poison: somewhat the opposite of medicine, you know which
herbs and potions can cause harm and can kill. Very
dishonourable to use to harm but a useful tool for medical
practioners and magistrates. Intelligence+poison+card draw=total.

Seduction: the skill geisha use, dishonourable for anyone else
to use. Awareness+seduction+card draw=total.

Shintao: rokaganese philosophy. you will need shintao level 3
or more to raise traits or rings above 5. Intelligence+shintao+card draw=total.

Sincerity: rokaganese don't care much for truth, but they do
care about seeming sincere. Awareness+sincerity+card draw.

Tea ceremony: A detailed ritual to cleanse and free the mind.
Lasts about 30mins, after gain one extra void point to spend
that day. Void+tea ceremony+ card draw=total.

That's 24 skills, rather than an exhaustive list, it gives an idea of what kind of skills people in rokugan should have.

N.B. I haven't mentioned magic skills in any way, but the only skill that was directly related to magic in the old system was spell craft: the ability to make your own spells and to adjust the effects of ones already known. Now that magic acts like a supplication or prayer, this skill is no longer neccessary.

Do not think I've missed out anything deliberatly, at some point you have to stop and say that list is big enough, if something hasn't been mentioned you'd like your character to have it, consider if it falls under one of the catch all skills above first. Otherwise just make up a new skill.

Things like torture, politics, explosives or forgery would be seperate skills for example. Take into account though if these skills would be dishonourable for a particular caste to use, for example it is illegal for peasants to bear arms so it would be dishonourable to teach a peasant kenjutsu for instance.

It doesn't mean your not allowed to do it, just that your character would need to take an honour test to use such skills.


Absolute direction 1 point.
Never gets lost. Draws 2 extra cards for any actions that involving direction, mapping etc.

Allies (Variable)
For every 2 points spent on allies, you get a minor ally and for 4 a major ally. Minor allies are people who can get you legal things like food, shelter or perhaps a small ammount of money. Major allies can get you things slightly less easy to aquire - like fake travel papers, audience with a daimyo or a midnight ride out of a unfriendly province.

Ambidextrous 3 points
This character can use either hand without penalty, and character who does not invest in ambidexterity draws 2 fewer cards than normal when using thier off hand.

Benten's Blessing 3 points (2points for crane characters)
People are attracted to you. It may be your looks or your charm or both. You just have that certain "something."
Whenever you make a roll involving persuasion, draw an extra card to add the to the total, two if they're attracted towards you.

Blackmail (Variable)
You have a bit of information or evidence that you can hold over someone's head. Because of this information you gain advantages over the guilty party. The cost of this advantage is equal to the glory rank of the individual. This advantage costs 1 point less for scorpion. Keep in mind no one likes to be blackmailed….

Death Trance 3 points (2 for Lion characters)
This samurai understands that death has no hold over them, and has taken the philosophy of bushido to heart. When they face death they enter a thoughtless trance that gives him great courage in the face of adversity. A character with this advantage automatically succeeds and fear test.

Clear thinker 2 points
It isnt easy to trick a character with this advantage. Whenever someone trys to confuse, befuddle or lie to you add ten to their target number to suceed.

Higher Purpose 2 points
You have dedicated yourself to a single goal or objective. Whenever you take a step toward achieving your higher purpose, you gain an extra experience point at the end of the session.

Innate Ability. 6 points
The shugenja has gained mastery over one of the 3 disciplines of magic. Sense, summon or commune. Gain a free raise whenever your shugenja uses the chosen discipline. May only be purchased once.

Large 2 points (1 point for Crab characters)
You are big. The average Rokugani is approximately 5'6" to 5'8" tall. You are anywhere from 6' to 6'4". This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Whenever you engage in social situations, you draw one less card. However when determining damage given draw one extra card.

Magic resistance (variable)
For some reason or another, you are highly resistant to spell effects. For every two points spent on magic resistance, up to a maximum of 6 points, any spells that target you, whether cast by friend or foe add 5 to their target number.

Perfect Balance 2 points
You draw an extra card whenever performing actions involving balance.

Quick 3 points
You're just faster than other folks. When determining initiative draw an extra card and discard the lowest.

Quick Healer 3 points
Your wounds heal as if your stamina was 1 higher.

Read lips 2 points
With a successful perception roll, you can read the lips of anyone you can see speaking.

Sensei (Variable)
You and your sensei have developed a bond that makes you inseparable. You would do anything to protect your sensei and his school, and he would do the same for you. The cost of a sensei depends on his skill. Your sensei will not be able to accompany you on journeys(he has other responsibilities after all), but he will able to assist you in other ways.

1 point = A sensei with moderate skill (rank 1 or 2)
3 points = A sensei with great skill (rank 3 or 4)
5 points = A sensei with legendary skill (rank 5)

Strength of the earth (variable)
A character with this advantage may ignore some effects of wound levels on their actions. The wound rank penalty isreduced by one for every level of this advantage.

2 points = Rank 1
4 points = Rank 2
8 points = Rank 3

Voice 2 points
Draw one extra card for any actions involving speaking.

Way of the land 2 points (1 point for Unicorn characters)
You know your home province of rokugan like the back of your hand, you never get lost and know all the best travel routes. You may purchase this advantage for other provinces as well.

wealthy (variable)
For every point a character spends on this advantage (up to a maximum of 10), they begin with 2 extra koku.


Bad Fortune 2 points
A Character with bad fortune puts his fate into the hands of he host. The host secretly determines what the bad fortune is. It could be an evil eye or an allergy but others could be something less immediately apparent. You may take this disavdvatage only once.

Bad health 3 points
A character with bad health has his wound ranks figured as if
his stamina was 1 rank lower. A character cannot take this disadvantage if his stamina is 1.

Bad reputation 2 points
Your character has a bad reputation in rokugan. Whenever other
samurai see you, they add draw an extra card to the recognition result. If they recognise you, they'll have a bad impression of you. You should choose one word to define your reputation.

Benten's curse 2 points
There is just something about you that others find repulsive. Draw an extra card to any fear or imtimidation attempts, but draw two less cards for any other social actions.

Black sheep 5 points
You've been ostracized by your family and no longer have family ties - though you may purchase some with the allies advantage. Any samurai from your clan who see you are expected to treat you as if you were eta. You may not attend your family school beyond rank 1 and must find another school to attend.

Brash 2 points
Characters with this disadvantage are hot-headed. They seek to
avenge any slight on their honour. They must make an honour test (Target number=20) in order to keep calm.

Can't Lie 3 points
A character with this disadvantage just can't tell a good lie.
Whenever he tries, he fails, the party listening doesn't even
have to make a roll. This includes lying by omission.

Addiction 3 points
This character is addicted. The two most prevalent addictions in rokugan are alcohol(sake) and opium. The character needs to feed their addiction on regular intervals, depending on how stressful their lives are at the time, or they lose a card on all draws for every day (or so) they go without feeding their habit.

Compulsion (variable)
Your character has a an uncontrollable urge, gambling, geishi girls etc, that gets you into trouble. You must pass an honour test every time you confront your compulsion, to keep you from losing control. The cost of this disadvantage depends on the TN of your Honour roll.

TN 15 = 2 points
TN 20 = 3 points
TN 25 = 4 points

Dark secret 5 points
You are keeping a secret that would jeopardize your family's standing if it were revealed. Dark secret should not be taken lightly. If a character's secret is ever revealed, they will be expected to commit seppuku (ritual suicide) to clear the shame. An enemy who gains knowledge of the secret will own the character's life, holding the secret over their head. With also the very real threat of ruining the characters family.The host can help choose the dark secret, usually its something that has broken a capital crime of the empire.

Driven 3 points
This is the dark side of higher purpose. A character who is driven has a single goal that they will sacrifice anything to achieve. They will turn their back on their friends and family, even sacrifice their honour to acheive there goal.

Frail mind 3 points
Whenever the charcater with this disadvantage is the target of a magical attack, a seduction roll or any other task which tests your willpower, the aggressor gains two extra card to add to their total.

Gullible 3 points
You have a soft spot in your heart for sob stories. You believe almost everything anyone tells you if they are convincing enough. The TN to convince you of anything is 5.

Insenitive 2 points
The three most important things in your characters life are their health, their welfare and their wealth. You care little for the plights of others and you dont make any motions to keep it a secret. You must spend a Void point whenever you want your character to put themselves at risk for another.

Low pain Threshold 5 points
Whenever your character gets wounded, add an additional -1 to their wound penalty.

Meddler 2 points
Your character cannot resist getting into other people's business. You always have an opinion and enjoy sharing it with others. You know what's best for everyone and have no qualms about telling them. This will get you into trouble. The rokugani are a very private people, and meddling in another's affairs is considered an insult - it implies that they can't take care of their own house. Sticking you nose in other people's business could get it cut off!

Obligation. (Variable)
Your character owes someone a favour, and someday they are going to collect. A small favour is 2 points a major favour is 4 points. A small favour would include something that would not threaten your position or your family's standing, but would cause you inconvenience. A major favour would discredit it you and disgrace your family if it came to light.

Small 3 points
You are below average height and weight. Whenever you make a damage draw, you must ignore the heigest card.

Soft Hearted 2 points
You have a profound respect for human life. You conscience overcomes you whenever you are about to commit an act of inhumane cruelty. Whenever you try to take a human life, you must pass a willpower test the TN being 20. If failed your character can't go through with it.

Sworn enemy (Variable)
The character has a sworn enemy that desires the characters death. Having the sworn enemy is worth 3 points and up to an additional 3 points can be gained if the sworn enemy is a higher school rank than the character (one point per rank). Whenever a character with a sworn enemy gains a rank the enemy gains one as well, with approximately increased skills and traits. The sworn enemy can show up at anytime, and while he or she may be temporarily satisfied with ruining the character's plans or reputaion, the ultimate goal is death. The play and the host should detail the nature and cause of the vendetta, and the host can either have the player create the sworn enemy or create him or her themselves.

here are the Rokugan heritage and fortune Tables, these are only used at character creation and maybe used by any character with some link to a samurai forebare.
If you were to run a game consisting of Eta, peasants, or foreigners, then it's safe to say you dont have any such link.

The heritage table is something that a player can use as many times as they wish during character creation the first draw on the table is always free and is a point for each subsequent draw. But be warned, the heritage table is very much a edged sword, it can curse as well as bless a character who uses it.

The fortune Table is a little different, you only get draw on it once, it costs 3 points to do so. But it only has good fortune results within it. So nothing to fear from this table just some interesting goodies to act as a boon for your character.

The Heritage Table.

Draw 1 card from the deck and match the suit and the number to its partner in the table. Ignore any court cards or the joker, if drawn, draw again until you get a valid card.

Ace; Summer affair. Nothing special. Gain minor ally in a major clan.
2; Winter affair. Much more noticeable. Gain minor ally in a major clan and 5 glory points
3; Marriage! Add 1 to your glork rank and a major ally in a major clan.
4; A spot of trouble. A parent didn't approve, so the affair was kept secret. Gain a minor ally and minor enemy from the same clan
5; Unrequited love, gain minor enemy from a major clan.
6; Court Intrigue, Your ancestor had a powerful rival and lost.
So all you ancestor won, was a broken heart. No benfit.
7; Messy Affair. Both parties were commanced to commit seppuku. You were raised by and uncle/aunt/cousin. Lose 1 glory rank and switch your family name to another within your clan.
8; Duel, the affair occured after your gempukku ceremoney. The husband/father/wife of your ancestors lover demanded justice and killed your ancestor in a duel. You now have a major enemy in another clan and others of your family consider it your duty to demand the right of blood fued. Good luck.
9; Duplicity, Your ancestor, gained some sensitive material
Gain the Blackmail advantage at rank 2(+1 if your a scorpion).
10; Famous Affair, your family has romantic ties with another clan. Gain a Major ally from another clan and you may attend that clans appropriate school if you wish.

Ace; Your ancestor was caught practicing maho. Who knows what dark bargains they struck for their power. Gain the disadvantage dark fate for no points, and rank 1 skill in lore:maho.
2; Corrupted! One of your family now fights for the shadowlands as they have for the last 500 years. You start the game at 0 glory and lose 1 honour rank.
3; Cursed! Your ancestors tricked a ronin shugenja, who cursed your family to the 10th generation. Lose 2 points of honour and you do not get your family attribute bonus.
4; Your ancestor saved a crane shugenja from bandits, gain minor ally in the crane clan and a minor magic item (to be dermined by host).
5; Tainted Bargain. Your ancestor summoned an oni, and was consummed by it. It must remember who it was, however, because it returns periodically to protect its decendants - for a price. At any point, the PC may call upon the oni for help (once), but thereafter must fulfill an obligation to it (as determined by the host).
6; Elemental master. The infamous Tomb of Iuchiban was built with the help of your ancestor. Gain 5 glory and honour points and rank 1 skill in engineering (int).
7; Proud magic. A shugenja who bested dozens of rival shugenja in magical duels. Bushi/courtier gain 4 honour points, shugenja gain the innate ability advantage for free.
8; Mystic blood, add 5 to your insight total.
9; you've inherited a magical item. It is said it was taken from an Oni by a distant relative. You aren't sure if it's magic, and if it is, if it's cursed or tainted.
10; Your mother claims she was visited by a kami one night, 9 months later you were born. Gain the advantage Great destiny, for free.

Ace; Your ancstor was a magistrate of your family (+1 glory).
2; Your ancestor was a magistrate of your clan (+2 glory).
3; Your ancestor was a magistrate of the emerald champion (+1 glory rank).
4; Minor diplomat to the court of your clan (+1 honour).
5; Minor diplomat to the court of the emperor (+2 honour).
6; Your ancestor was an advisor to the imperial court (+1 honour rank).
7; Your ancestor served as gunso (sergeant) in your clans army (+1 glory and +1 skill in battle).
8; Your ancestor served as chui (lieutenant) in your clans army (+1 glory and +2 skill in battle).
9; Your ancestor served as taisa (captain) in your clan's army (+1 glory rank and +2 skill in battle).
10; Your ancestor was a traitor, a distant relative betrayed a daimyo of your clan. Begin game with black sheep disadvantage, but gain no points from it.

Ace; Your family is reknowned for its cleverness. One of your ancestors established their reputation in the imperial court at the expense of another clan, and you are anticipated to follow in your ancestor's footsteps (+1 skill in courtier and a minor enemy in a clan of the host's choice).
2; Your parent became a monk. (if your are dragon clan, gain a magical tattoo. If other, gain +1 skill in these 3 skills, theology, meditation and shintao. In all cases lose 5 boxes of honour).
3; One of your ancestors slew a powerful enemy of your clan (gain 1 glory rank, a major enemy from a clan of the host's choice. If crane gain +1 Iaijutsu, if other gain +1 lore: knowledge of that clan).
4; Obsessed. Your ancestor was constanly bested at something, and it cost your family their lands. You are sure that you can improve on the past. Choose one of your skills and add 1 rank to it, and the jealousy disadvantage with that skill for free.
5; As an imperial magistrate, your ancestor revealed another family's dishonour (gain a major enemy, 1 rank of honour and +1 rank in investigation).
6; Your ancestor carried the clan war banner in battle (gain 5 glory).
7; Your ancestor rescued a comrade in battle from behind enemy lines (gain +2 glory and a minor ally from your clan.
8; You have inherited a family heirloom, magical if the stories are true, you have no clue what if anything it does, but you have been told to treat the item well. It's been in your family for generations. you are expected to keep it with you, always.
9; You are the last of a once noble family within your clan. Your father's land was taken from him to pay taxes, and his samurai retainers have long since been dismissed. You are the only child, the heir to his title his responsibilties to your clan, but with that nobility comes the knowledge that all the spirits of your ancestors are watching you, and that you are their last hope for glory and the return of the prestige your family once had.
10; Somethings wrong. Your family has always kept a secret from you, but you never minded as a child. People stared at you as if they knew something you didnt, and you've never known your mothers name, much less met anyone who knew her. Your father wont talk about it - he refuses to mention what occured, why you were found on the step of his home or why he's so certain that you are his child. Lately, you've noted some unusual things happening around you - and nobody will explain why.

The Fortune Table.

Draw one card from the deck and Match the Number to its partner on the table below. Ignore the Joker. If drawn, draw again until you get a valid card.

Ace; When you were younger, you got very lucky in a duel against a legendary swordsman. Now you have a reputation as a swordsman of legendary status. Sometimes it gets you free room and board, sometimes it gets you a challenge a day. +1 kenjutsu.
2; Innate Talent, raise one of your skills by +1.
3; Lost knowledge, during your travels, you stumble accross some old scrolls. If shugenga gain the skill at rank 1 of Craft: Mitsugusuri(int), the art of making magical potions. If bushi, gain the skill at rank 1 of Explosives (int), how to make and use small bombs, flash paper, smoke and stink bombs. If courtier gain at rank 1 the skill Cipher (int). The ability to encrypt or decode written information.
4; Path of Blood. You gain a free raise whenever your in combat or contest against one specific clan. You may specify any clan, or you may instead specify "ninja"
5; You have an item of magical curiosity (A go set which can play against you, a wakizashi that draws it's self on command, a kimono which never gets stained or wet, etc, etc)
6; Prodigy. If shugenga gain Innate ability advantage for free, if bushi gain Ambidextrous or Quick advantage for free, if courtier gain Benten's blessing for free.
7; Heroic Deed. You performed some heroic at earlier in your life, gain 5-10 glory points. Host will determine circumstances and award.
8; Fine quality gear. One Item is of fine quality. Item will add one card to draw but not keep in circumstance of when used correctly. E.G. A fine kimono in a formal court situation, a fine katana in a combat situation. A fine ink and pen set when drafting a formal letter etc.
9; Inheritance. Gain 1-13 koku. Draw card to determine.
10; war hero, one of your ancestors, was a hero in one the great battles, your host will decide which. Gain rank 1 skill of lore in that battle and +5 glory points.
Jack; Favoured Student, your sensei saw much promise in you and concentrated alot of his efforts upon you, add 3 points to your skills.
Queen; Child of a daimyo. Gain +1 glory rank.
King; Cousin of the imperial line. Gain +2 Glory Ranks, 2 Koku and a minor ally in the imperial court.

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