Random Encounters

Random Encounters was published in December 2009 and is available as a paperback or download from Lulu.

The book showcased six one-off adventures all of which utilised the No Dice Compact Character Sheet. The character sheet fits on 1/4 of a sheet of A4 paper and carries space for eight stats four attributes (Muscle, Speed, Wits and Craft) and four aptitudes (Fighting, Guile, Learning and Devices) these stats are tied to the suits in a pack of cards. There is also a space on the character sheet for a "blank" stat which performs a variety of roles depending on the demands of the adventure. Finally the sheet allows players to pick a character's suit and off suit which give them bonuses and disadvantages on tests related to the suit.

The adventures included in the book were Con of the Dead, Gaunt's Keep, The Arcas 5000 and Black Lake, all written by Leo; the Duchamps Mine Bounty written by Sue; and The Empire's Finest written by Justin. The book also contained a mini-RPG called The Scoop which casts the players as reporters who investigate news stories related to the field of fringe science to a deadline. The RPG was devised by Ian Caldwell. The book concluded with an article on NPC generation using a pack of cards and a mnemonic number/symbol system to allow the spontaneous generation of NPCs on the fly.

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