Playing In The Dream

Dreamtime Stories is, or has become during its development, a sort of meta-system. The idea of the core game of Dreamtime Stories is that players are sorcerers who work their magics within the metaphysical framework of the Dreamtime Stories multiverse. Even so, there are many other stories that can be told within that multiverse and many other lead players in those stories. For this reason Dreamtime Stories has sub-systems. These sub-systems describe one of the many worlds of the dream, define the kinds of player character who could exist in that world and also leaves room for a player to play a sorcerer in the manner originally envisaged.

The core Dreamtime Stories system, therefore, is really a complex magic system and metaphysical framework and the point of the overall game is to allow players to interact with that system and to explore the worlds of the dream as an agent with some kind of mystical power. As exciting as that is by itself other stories of myth and magic also lend themselves to taking place within the Dreamtime Stories multiverse. Some of these stories form a solid basis for systems of their own. Listed on this page you will find access points to rules and play suggestions for the Dreamtime Core game and its subsystems.

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