In traditional RP the player needs to do a lot of homework to participate effectively in the Role Play. No Dice is at war with this concept.

Essentially, it has become apparent to most of the role players that the No Dice team know that creating characters by some mathematical voodoo of arithmetic and dice, employing the arcane scribblings on many different attribute and skill tables, is the very polar opposite of most people's ideas of a good time.

Most people want to turn up to a popular form of entertainment and just get stuck in. Character creation in No Dice systems should either be short and painless (such as the adventure one offs in Random Encounters) or will be interactive and evolving (such as Levercastle). When there is a more detailed process by necessity the team have tried to make the process of creating the character interactive and creative because people like to talk about themselves or their achievements and detailing a Levercastle character, for example, is a creative process of which the player should be proud.

Role playing as a talent

To develop this idea the No Dice ethos frames playing in games as a talent. A talented role player enriches everyone's role play experience and provides a deep experience for their own character development.

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