No Dice Pool

This is an alternate rules system for No Dice for converting dice pool systems, including storyteller, burning wheel, legend of the 5 rings, Song of ice and fire and Warhammer 3rd edition. Dice pool systems rely on the simple fact that having 1 in a skill or attribute is about 1/5th as effective as having 5 . This differs from the usual no dice draw and add mechanic, which places less distinction between stat values, and is useful for more cinematic games where characters can develop well beyond a typical human

Basic System:
Make a draw and multiply the card value by an appropriate attribute (these are typically rated 1-5, but may be as high as 10 for powerful creatures). If a system uses both skills and attributes, add the skill value to the card (again typically 1-5), before multiplying by the attribute.

If you draw a Jack, this has a value of 0, so any attempt will fail, irrespective of ability (although a skill bonus would increase this). If you draw a Queen, it counts as a 10, but you get to draw again and add, before multiplying. If you draw a King, its saved for redraws, and then draw another card. For every full 10 points of your draw total, you gain a success.

To succeed at a task, either need to generate more successes than an opposing character, or gain a minimum number of successes based on the attempt:

Average: 1
Challenging: 2
Hard: 3
Very Hard: 4
Heroic: 5+

Successes above the minimum required are used to determine how well the character did, and in combat help determine damage.

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