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The companion to a Familiar. A material is some object through which the opposite pole of a sorcerer's magic manifests to that which is expressed via their familiar. Like the familiar a material operates on several levels with varying effects and consequences:

Symbol: All instances of the chosen material can manifest the polar magic when manipulated by the sorcerer but the effect of the magic working is weakened, the dream's own will shapes the consequences.
Talisman: A particular instance of the chosen material can manifest polar magic more powerfully and in line with the desires of the caster. If the object is lost/stolen it will work for others but over time it loses its "charge". The original sorcerer must start afresh imbuing a new talisman with power.
Amulet: A deeply bonded talisman, in many ways the sorcerer and their amulet are one and the same. For this reason destroying an amulet can destroy its master. The works of polar magic achieved with the amulet are deep and a well tuned amulet can be a vessel for a sorcerer's life, provide a gateway through realms, be a go between for dream sight and allow the chanelling of raw elemental force. While the amulet exists the sorcerer can never truly be killed and may always be called forth from the amulet.

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