Marauders Island Life

Long time No Dicers everywhere will recall that back in the early days we discussed a system that was "on the slate" called Marauders. Marauders is like a martial arts themed RPG that was to be, structurally, like Shadow Cities squared. The plan, which remains viable, is five campaign settings in one volume describing the vast history of an alternate earth in which a huge number of land masses existed in between Africa, round the bottom of India and across the Pacific to South America.

The implications of such a navigable span linking the world into a sphere in the minds of the earliest civilizations are huge. It impacts science, maths and the very development of the human race. Marauders remains an ambitious imaginative landscape. It's, unfortunately, too much for us to consider taking on in our spare time. If you want to know about the broader universe this system will expound then I suggest you become part of the effort to make No Dice a household name.

What's always irritated me (Leo) is that the rules harness is so good but the campaign setting restricts it from being set down until the campaign is written. Well, it need irritate me no more for this is where Marauders will be born, in a smaller, more easily manageable campaign setting. So let's roll up our sleeves and get our qi working for us.

  • The Islands
  • Crafting A Character
  • The System
  • Generating Islands
  • Organising A Campaign
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