Dreamtime Stories

Come, children, sit on the cool earth and remember the Fae, children of Order and Chaos. Feel the breath of the night air and remember the Spirits, children of Freedom and Constraint. Warm yourself by the fire and remember the Jinn, children of Creation and Destruction. As you listen to the tales of the Dreamtime you can sip at the cool water in your cup and know that you are Mortal, child of Life and Death.

Four principles work in the Dreamtime, all things between the very heart of the dream and the edges of the abyssal void are formed from the interactions between these layered worlds. The stories you will hear are about those among the races who can traverse the worlds of the Dreamtime, who can mould and shape reality and commune with the very essence of all things.

These are the deep stories, they tell what normal souls do when shown the substance of the Dreamtime. Ask yourself, as you lose yourself in the stories, what would you do? What would you do if you could perceive the eternal tension between the great wheel and the timeless weave? What would you do if you could step between the worlds of the four great races? What would you do if you learned of the corrupting power of the void and the breathless purity of the Dream itself?

Assume the mantle of a sorcerer and use your powers for good or ill. Manipulate the fundamental forces at work in the Dreamtime for the benefit of your fellows or the pursuit of personal glory. Be assured, magician, that there are others around you, from acolytes like yourself to lofty Dreamspeakers and they'll all be watching you, deciding for themselves where you fit in the weave.

Ay, power is the most intoxicating of liquors. The question is, are you going to temper your taste for it, or just allow it to develop?

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