Dr Grordborts Virtual Scientific Adventure Violence Parlour Game

This very game, especially created for infirm men, lackadaisical housewives, or dirt-encrusted, simpleton poor-folk, allows the participants to imagine themselves as brave, competent and loyal subjects of the British Colonial Expeditionary Forces, without ever having to leave the comfort of their armchairs (or perhaps more appropriately, the excrement-laden gutters that these wretched lowlifes call home). On an entirely sensible note, they also avoid the possible disintegration of their nether regions by overheated weaponry, or being skewered or butchered at the hand of moronic indigenous natives.

A cautionary note from our intrepid renderer of imaginatory scribblings, and amateur Venusian Whimpthrung baiter:
This is actually a hack of the most excellent world of Doctor Grordbort, as written and illustrated by Greg Broadmore, for Dark Horse comics. Its essentially a satire of the British Colonial spirit, entwined with 30s and 40s inspired science fiction. A universe full of diverse and exotic creatures and intelligent lifeforms, all ready to be exploited, hunted and disintegrated into oblivion, by the plucky, adventurous and highly violent solar explorers of earth, embodied fully by the eponymous Lord Cockswain.

So for those cowardly souls, who wish to partake in series of imaginary violent pursuits, they will first need to determine their pretend personage - an alter ego if you wish, which they assume rather than face up to their own lives of squalor and moral degradation.

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