Ages Of Avalon

Ages of Avalon is a sub-system of Dreamtime Stories based on the ideas of Arthurian myth. The world of Avalon is one of the worlds of the dream and the traditional stories of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table were the events surrounding the execution of an enormous spell or ritual, one which could create an entire world for Arthur's people to live in. All events that take place in Ages of Avalon, therefore, take place after the events described in the traditional Arthurian myths, now, resurrected and immortal key figures from the mythos live in happiness within Avalon and the people of Avalon live out their lives in a permanent Arthurian setting.

In this game players take the part of knights and sorcerers working for one of the lords of Avalon. The players' characters will be expected to adhere to the chivalric code, they will pledge allegiance to one of the four noble houses of Avalon and pick a patron from that house. In return they are gifted with powers beyond those of normal men. They will wield weapons of great power. They will live lives of adventure, excitement and glory. The most virtuous among them will achieve incredible acts and become legends in their own right. Along the way some may become stained with the vices of the world, but even a knight with considerable stain upon his character can achieve greatness.

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