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No Dice RPG is a new Role Playing system created by the wonderful folks at No Dice Games. No Dice explores the idea of communal storytelling in a way that replaces the table top with sofas, the dice with playing cards (usually playing cards), the number crunching with a few simple effective devices and the grind with pure fun.

We used to have a forum, but it fell into disuse and filled up with spam. Also a role-playing project should be filled with ideas. Single authors should be able to produce networks of pages. A wiki is the natural choice for system hacks and campaign journals. Hopefully the No Dice wiki should be more loved than the No Dice forum ever was.

That said there was a bunch of great content on the forum which will be moved into this Wiki in due course.


How To Join

You may apply to join the wiki as an editor. You should probably have approached us previously to chat over the ideas you want to share via the wiki if you do. Don't worry, we're a friendly bunch.

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